Our History: The Career and Academic Development Institute (CADI), opened its doors on September 7, 2004, and is an accelerated alternative high school located in Philadelphia, PA. The school was developed as a cooperative effort between OIC of America, a non-profit organization, designated to serve the community with the mantra of “Helping people help themselves”, (founded by the late Rev. Leon Sullivan), and the School District of Philadelphia. The school provides transitional services both academic and developmental to a myriad of students of diverse backgrounds, with many being from low-income and underserved communities.

CADI’s Mission is to provide the necessary education and resources to the over-age, under-credited population and to prepare them for a productive life after graduation.

Program Design/Model: Our school is primarily teacher-based with certified instructors who teach engaging courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, and Art. When deemed necessary, some credit-bearing courses are computer-based. In order to graduate, each student must acquire the School District of Philadelphia’s designed 23.5 credits, complete a senior capstone course, and have performed 60 hours of community service. Additional partnerships and particular courses offer opportunities for students to earn industry certificates and paid internships. Our counselors also provide additional programming and individual student support services to ensure post-secondary success.

Student Population: Our student population includes 150 students ranging from 16-21 who are at least 1 year behind in credits for their age.

School Day: The regular school day lasts from 8:30 am to 2:32 pm. Breakfast is served starting at 8:00 am. After 8:45 am, the student is considered late for school. Our mandatory uniform consists of a light blue polo shirt with our CADI logo which can be purchased at the school for $20.00 and dark blue or black pants or skirts. We also have CADI sweatshirts that can be purchased for $30.00. We do not sell skirts or pants at the school. ABSOLUTELY NO HOODIES, JOGGERS, AND/OR TIGHTS! In addition to standard courses in core subjects, students have an advisory period or support period during the school day to ensure students are properly supported on their path towards graduation. Teachers also hold office hours at the end of the day 3 days a week for additional support.