Goals for Students

A. Attendance

Our goal is for students to have 90% or better attendance; therefore, students are expected not to miss more than three (3) school days per term.

B. Behavior

Our goal is for students to have zero (0) out-of-school suspensions; in view of this, students are expected to observe and adhere to the Student Handbook, on the way to and home from school, and at any school-sponsored activities and to participate in any alternatives to suspension assigned by the school when their behavior warrants such a disciplinary intervention.

C. Course Completion/Credit Attainment

Our goal is for students to earn all credits that they are rostered for this year; accordingly, students are expected to complete all in and out-of-class assignments, read and study by themselves or with others, and to participate in advisory and after-school mentoring as required by the school.

Please note that this link will take you to a Google Form and that filling out the form is an expression of interest in and not a confirmation of admission.